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Peter Thomas

​the Animal Angel

Peter Thomas Cangelosi was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.  Peter graduated from Elmhurst College with degrees in Marketing and Management, which was the foundation for him founding several successful companies.

A born entrepreneur, Peter has a variety of companies including a consttruction firm, marketing, two fireworks production companies, gas and electric concerns, a production company and now, a charity, Pets and Vets USA.

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Pets and Vets USA

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  • Due to an injury, I was unable to serve in the military. But now, I have a chance to serve those that served our country by offering hope, a warm place to stay and the opportunity to carry it forward by rescuing bully breeds and other homeless pets from certain death. Pets and Vets USA will provide a home for those that need it most.



Pets and Vets USA began from a promise between a mother and a son. Peter Thomas Cangelosi and his mother, Carol Ann, pledged to make a difference in this world and they agreed to start with donating time and resources to the Hinsdale Humane Society.

Unfortunately, Carol Ann became ill and passed in 2005. Peter never forgot his promise.

In 2013, Peter renewed his promise, beginning by pledging on death row dogs in shelters across the United States. Then Peter saved his first dog, a bull dog/pit bull mix. The dog was minutes from being euthanized in a San Bernardino shelter, in a region where hundreds of thousands of mix pit bull breeds die every year.

Through Facebook, Peter made several friends who worked together to save the dog from death. With literally minutes before the lethal injection, the dog was saved and after a long journey, he joined Peter in Illinois. Peter named him Miracle.

During this time, Peter learned more and more about the countless homeless veterans who had put their life on the line, Peter decided to keep his promise to his mother, Carol Ann and also make a difference helping homeless veterans. Due to a shoulder injury, Peter was not eligible to join the military and in this way, he could serve those who served our country, while keeping his promise to his mother.

Peter formed Pets and Vets USA.

Our Mission, Our Promise

The mission of Pets and Vets USA is to create jobs, train and shelter homeless veterans, and rescue homeless pets across the United States and train and find them forever homes.. Our mission is multi-faceted:

Build and manage a dog kennel for rescued pets from across the United States.

Provide homeless military veterans employment, training and shelter to manage the kennels, learn to train homeless pets and rebuild their lives.

Train animals as companion pets and then more training as therapy dogs. Vets share these pets with children's hospitals, nursing homes and other medical/rehabilitation facilities to provide comfort to others.

Therapy pets that qualify will then be trained to be service animals for disabled veterans (eg.; with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, ambulatory issues, etc.).

mission & vision

Provide jobs and training for homeless
veterans and rescue abandoned dogs across
the United States.

Pet and Vets USA
​Saving Shelter Pets and
​Serving those that Served our Country

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Saving pets and serving veterans in need

Peter THOMAS Cangelosi

The Animal Angel