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300,000 plus veterans are homeless every night. Combine that with an estimated 5 to 6 million shelter animals being euthanized annually and we have a broken system. Pets and Vets USA has a plan to change these statistics and make it better.

Pets and Vets USA mission is to provide trust, hope and love to both veterans and bully breed shelter animals to rebuild lives, end homelessness and change the world—one life at a time.

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Saving lives through hope and purpose.

The US shelter system is broken. An estimated 5 to 6 million homeless animals are killed each year.

In parallel, the programs available for.returning veterans is limited and often filled to capacity. Approximately 25% of the homeless are veterans.

Pets and Vets USA is mending these systems, saving dogs, creating hope and re-building lives. Join us and make a difference. 


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Help change the world — one dog at a time

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Become a member of PVUSA (Pets and Vets USA) and join a growing league of animal advocates creating change. Adopt a shelter dog, give your time to the local shelter, donate a can of food or just like us on Facebook. Your good wishes inspire and excite us to do more. 

Pets and Vets USA rescues bully breeds from high kill shelters. They train veterans to prepare these breeds as services animals for fellow vets and the disadvantaged. Fewer dogs die, more veterans get off the streets. It's a win-win.  

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Meet the animal angel

Pet and Vets USA
​Saving Shelter Pets and
​Serving those that Served our Country

Peter Thomas Cangelosi

Also known as the Animal Angel, is changing the broken shelter system by giving veterans purpose. Peter is dedicating his life to changing the shelter system while repaying our veterans for their service. He believes love, trust and hope can change the world.